Countdown to ItalianWeek Festival 2018!


The Ottawa Italian Week Festival Organizing Committee prepares to bring you yet another amazing festival offering to everyone from anywhere, the experience of "Being Italian" and celebrating all that is Italian Art, Culture and History, for ten special days in June. Join us to create new memories, share in the experience and be Italian.

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Ci vediamo!


Take a tour of the this year events

Take a tour on our amazing this year's Italian Week Festival as we prepare to celebrate another year! Join us to create new memories, share in the experience and be Italian.

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Be a part of it all!

In the heart of Little Italy on Preston Street, your business would benefit from a sponsorship with us that would include live entertainment, food and drinks as well as activities for kids. Gain exposure to an attentive audience of over 150,000 festivalgoers during the Grand Finale Weekend, People from the Greater Ottawa area and beyond will see your message.

Other benefits include:

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  • Vendor Opportunities
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Volunteer with the Ottawa Italian Week Festival

Ciao! Want to get involved with this great cultural event?
Come celebrate being Italian with us and volunteer! Volunteers are the bloodline of our festival and we are growing our team and we need YOU!

You'll receive an event T-shirt to wear during your shifts, delicious food and non-alcoholic beverages and share in the experience! We are looking for people from 14 to 99 that are interested in offering their time. This year's festival will take place over several days mostly on Preston Street, from June 7th to the 17th, 2018.

Ci vediamo a presto!

Our Mission

As the Ottawa Italian Week Festival team prepares the programming, we want to share with you our vision and mission for the Ottawa Italian Week Festival.

The vision of the Ottawa Italian Week Festival is to bring an event that shares in celebrating the rich diversity of the Italian-Canadian community where we can share our culture, food and drink, music, artisans and the vibrant passions of its people. For over forty years, the Ottawa Italian Week Festival remains one of the oldest and largest cultural festivals in Ottawa. It continues to grow each year drawing a large number of residents and tourists to Ottawa's Little Italy on Preston Street. The Italian Week Festival wants to reach the greater Ottawa community, non-Italians, to celebrate what it means to be Italian.

The Organizing Committee would like to acknowledge our important partners in this event:

  • The City of Ottawa
  • The Preston Street BIA
  • The Ferrari Festival of Ottawa
  • The Italian Car Show and Parade
  • The Preston Street Criterium Bike Race

Our Partners

BIA City of Ottawa Ottawa Festival L'ora di Ottawa CHIN Radio Ontario 150 Great River Media


When asked "What does Italian Week mean to you?" ... here's what some of you said.

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