Benvenuti a tutti!

Welcome to the most exciting week of the year! 

 Join us for Italian Week, June 6-16, 2024 


Celebrating 50 years of Italian Week!

June 2024 marks our BIG milestone birthday - 50 years of Italian Week!
We invite you to join us for our biggest celebration yet!

11 Days

Join us in the heart of Ottawa’s Little Italy to experience 11 days of immersive programs celebrating Italian culture, cuisine, art, music, and traditions.

35+ Events

 Our festival features more than 35 events both in, and around, the heart of Ottawa’s Little Italy. Our events highlight all-things Italian from art, music, food, and heritage!

3 Masterclasses

We’re bringing the most beloved Italian culinary traditions to Preston Street again this year with our highly-anticipated (and Nonna approved) Masterclasses!

Fonte D'Amore Dance Group Registration

Fonte d’Amore, created by Italian Week Ottawa and developed by the ensemble’s Artistic Director Carina Della Valle, aims to educate and celebrate the rich Italian heritage in Ottawa by providing a safe and inclusive space for children and youth to create connections with others that share the same interests and traditions of Italian culture. Classes are taught by Carina and Vanessa Marinelli.

You do not need to be Italian to participate, you just need an interest in dance and/or the culture!

We are looking for up to 20 children/youth to form our dance group.


Whether you’re walking, driving, or taking the bus, we’ve got your directions covered!

Click the button below to visit our Getting to the Festival section which includes parking information and tips for being dropped off by rideshare and taxi services.