call for submissions:

Any additional questions regarding the call for artists can be directed to Italian Week Ottawa’s Events Coordinator, Todd Reid, at

While the application form does ask you to provide some background information on your artistic experience, you do not need to be a professional artist to participate. We welcome emerging artists to submit their work as well. Our vision for this opportunity is to use our platform to share talent in the local art community in the National Capital Region.

No, you do not. Being of Italian heritage is not a requirement to participate. We encourage the participation of all local visual artists residing in the National Capital Region.

Yes. Artists under 18 years of age are welcomed to participate under the condition that their parent or legal guardian signs all required documents on their behalf.  

No. These submission calls are only open to artists living in the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau). Any submissions from outside of this region will not be considered by the jury.

No, you cannot. Artists must submit a photo of their completed submission through our website for consideration. Here is the link to submit your work.

Unfortunately, no. The deadline to submit your work is April 17th, 2022. Submissions after this date will not be considered. 

Yes, the artist chosen as the winner will win a cash prize. The winning artwork will be featured prominently in the 2022 programming, both in promotional material and as our feature image for Italian Week 2022.

The jury is made up of a diverse group of established visual artists in Ottawa. We have appointed one member to Chair the jury and coordinate the adjudication rubric. To ensure fairness throughout the entire jury process, evaluations will be done blindly to prevent any possible conflicts of interest that may influence the evaluation.  

No, you cannot. We ask that you please wait until an official email announcing the completion of the selection process is sent before making any public announcements regarding your participation. This is to ensure the jury decision is done blindly, and to allow the Chair of Jury to communicate the results with all participants. Any public announcements prior to the receipt of said email may result in the disqualification of the submission.

No, you do not have to. As a token of appreciation for participating, Italian Week Ottawa will invite all participants whose submissions were not selected to sell their artwork on our website in the “digital art gallery”, if they wish to do so. 

Yes. Taking into account the cost of shipment for large parcels, we have restricted the purchasing power to the Ottawa-Gatineau area. This decision was made in favour of the artists selling their artwork. We ask that all participating artists consider including a ‘delivery fee’ in their initial price, as there will be no shipping or delivery fees added upon check-out. 

Upon purchase of your artwork from our website, we will send you an email with the proof of purchase and delivery information. Once proof of purchase is received, the artist will then be responsible for providing Italian Week Ottawa with their contact information and mailing address in order to receive the payment by cheque via mail.